Web Radios boosting coding productivity

How do you stay focused while coding? How do you cope with the noises of an open workspace or with the chitchat of the other customers of your favorite coffee shop? That’s easy.. Just listen to some good chill-out music (at least, that works for me). I really enjoy coding while listening to good nu-jazz or deep-house tracks. Where to find such amazing music on-line? Here! I selected for you the best Web Radios to listen to while coding. Depending on my mood (and the time of the day), I usually pick a Web Radio Station from the following list: RMC2 (Milan, Italy, coup de cœur), RIN (Milan, Italy), Deep House Radio (Cork City, Ireland), House-Radio Internet Radio (Amsterdam, Netherlands)  and FUN Radio (Paris, France). These Stations can be listened on-line at the following URLs:

Of course, in your Terminal (Ubuntu) type:

vlc “http://icecast.unitedradio.it/MC2.mp3”

vlc “http://sr9.inmystream.info:8006/”

vlc “http://stream.radiojar.com/k203n4mmb.mp3?1484327327”

vlc “”

vlc “http://streaming.radio.funradio.fr/fun-1-48-192”



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